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Piano Tuning

Magic Music offers the most professional piano tuning and repair services in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Sunlight, Fireplaces, Moving, Uneven Floors, and other factors can affect the condition of your piano investment.

Piano experts recommend having your piano tuned every six months (or at the very least once per year) to protect the long-term health and sound of your piano.

Magic Music charges $120.00+tax for each professional piano tuning in the Austin, Dallas, and Houston areas.

Prices in the Los Angeles area vary due to distance and location.
Please contact us for estimates and details in the Los Angeles area.

Our expert technicians can also give you an estimate if your piano needs additional adjustments or repair.

Magic Music also provides expert Qualified Appraisals for your piano in case you need your piano appraised for re-sale purposes or for donation purposes. If your piano is valued at over $5,000.00 and you would like to donate your piano to The Magic Music Foundation or any other non-profit organization for a federal tax deduction, the IRS requires that you acquire a 'Qualified Appraisal' for your piano. Our fee for piano appraisals depends on how far our Technicians need to travel to inspect your piano, so feel free to contact our office so you can speak with one of our expert Piano Technicians about appraisal prices and appointments.

  1. Simply submit the piano tuning request form below.
  2. Our office will match you with one of our expert technicians.
  3. Our technician will contact you directly to set an appointment.
  4. Magic Music will charge your card account after the service is performed and will email you an itemized receipt. *If you prefer to pay the technician directly right after the service is performed, please let us know so we can help make the payment arrangements for you.

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